Bathtub Refinishing in Miami & Broward

Bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub resurfacing,  bathtub reglazing or bathtub restoration is typically way more inexpensive and way less time consuming than the option of replacing the existing  bathtub when it is ugly or deteriorated. The average tub replacement cost varies between $1,500 and $3,500 since the plumbing will be compromised, walls and floors will have to be ripped out plus the high cost of labor.

Liners, the other option available when your bathtub is dated or ugly, as opposed to bathtub refinishing, can cost almost as much as replacing a tub and they tend to accumulate water in between the liner and the original tub, which can lead to unhealthy mold and mildew along with undesirable odor problems.

Using state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the line materials, at America Refinishing Pros, the local bathtub refinishing experts, we can give your bathroom in Miami or Broward a refreshing new look in a matter of a few hours without having to go through the hassles of replacing your bathtub or tiles.

Among other things, we can change faded or outdated colors, repair cracked tiles, restore rusted areas or simply refinish your bad, ugly or dated bathtub or tiles in a matter of just a few hours.

In conclusion,  when your bathroom doesn’t look that good anymore, bathtub refinishing is a much wiser choice for homeowners and here is a brief summary of the reasons why:

– usually 75% to 80% cheaper than bathtub replacement;

– days or even weeks of hassles and stress saved, by allowing the homeowner to avoid a major project that involves several people doing plumbing, ripping out walls and creating dusts and debris.

– typically as durable as a replacement while it can significantly increase the value of your property with a much lower investment.


How do I know if my tub can be resurfaced?

There are many types of situation that may be making you think about refinishing your bathtub . These are some of the problems you may be facing with your bathtub:

– hard to keep clean (regardless of many times you clean the tub it always looks dirty or moldy)

– discoloration

– scratches

– stains

– cracks

– holes

– rust

– you would like to change its color

– previously painted and its peeling

You name it. Regardless of the gravity or nature of the problem we can fix it.  We have done so many bathtubs that most likely we have seen a situation like yours.

The process of bathtub refinishing takes around 3 hours average and after that time the tub will look so shiny and beautiful that you won’t believe it. As a matter of fact, there won’t be any visible difference between a brand new bathtub and one refinished with our process. They both will look and feel the same.

Can I re-glaze a tub that was already painted?

Yes. A bathtub that was painted or refinished before can be re-glazed again. It doesn’t even matter if low quality products were used because we will strip the old material completely to make sure we work on the original surface to obtain a proper adhesion.

The combination of our diligent and thorough preparation, the use of products of the highest quality available in the industry, the experience of our technicians and the special attention that we put to each detail guarantee a work of much higher quality and durability than what other competitors offer.

Here are some before and after pictures of bathtubs we have re-glazed.

Some of the advantages of reglazing your bathtub versus replacing it:

  • Significanlty more cost-effective
  • It requires just hours versus days or weeks
  • Similar durability
  • Less hassle and stress for the homeowner during the process
  • More colors available
  • It needs no permits

Let us transform your ugly bathroom into a beautiful space that you will love. When it comes to bathtub refinishing, we are the experts.

We will impress your friends and visitors. We offer a competitive warranty on all our jobs and our prices are unbeatable!!! If you have a written estimate we will beat it for at least 5%!

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