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      Bathtub Refinishing/ bathtub reglazing in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

      Bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami also known as bathtub reglazing Miami & Fort Lauderdale, or bathtub restoration is a home improvement procedure in which an old, dingy, damaged, or simply ugly tub is restored to a like-new condition. 

      This bathtub resurfacing process may also come in handy when the tub has an undesired color or is showing any signs of deterioration. The service usually takes a few hours and starts with very thorough preparation. This initial preparation stage includes acid wash and deep cleaning among other steps.

      Once the surfaces are ready a bonding agent is first applied and then the tub is coated with a very advanced product.

      bathtub refinishing service by America Refinishing Pros

      Many people refer to this procedure as “paint a bathtub” but the reality is that the correct and professional way to do it is much more thorough and comprehensive than merely painting. On the page: The refinishing process we explain more in detail and with images the most important stages of this fantastic procedure that can save you time, money, and a lot of stress.

      The bath tub refinishing procedure (some people also call it bathtub recoating or bathtub resurfacing) is suitable for bathtubs of any size or shape. Standard-size tubs, clawfoot tubs, stand-alone tubs, roman tubs, or jacuzzies are all ideal candidates for it. The expected outcome is always a factory-style finish regardless of the material they are made of. 

      Among the most frequent materials tubs are manufactured, we can mention cast iron, steel, cultured marble, fiberglass, and acrylic.  This procedure on cast iron or steel tubs is usually called porcelain bathtub refinishing, while on fiberglass tubs is called fiberglass tub refinishing or fiberglass tub reglazing.

      When it comes to cast-iron tubs, we encourage you to read a very interesting and informative article available in our blog titled: “Is cast iron tub refinishing a viable choice to replacement?” in which we discuss more in-depth all the ins and outs as well as the advantages of the cast iron tub reglazing procedure.

      Refinishing a bathtub is typically the most inexpensive and the least time-consuming option above all the others available: liner or conventional remodeling (replacement). The average tub replacement cost varies between $1,800 and $4,100 since it is a process that involves the demolition of walls and floors, debris disposal, drywall installation, tile installation, plumbing, etc., with all the skyrocketing costs of labor associated with it. 

      Liners, the other choice at hand when the bathtub is damaged, dated, or ugly, as opposed to bathtub refinishing, can cost almost as much as replacing a tub and they tend to accumulate water in between the liner and the original tub, which can lead to unhealthy mold and mildew along with undesirable odor and other potential health problems associated with mold and/or mildew. On our page: Why Refinish we also discussed this topic in further detail. 

      Why America Refinishing Pros for your service of bathtub refinishing/ bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale?

      For over a decade, here at America Refinishing Pros one of the most trusted American Bathtub refinisher in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County we’ve been the number one choice for bathtub refinishing throughout South Florida. Here’s what sets us apart:

      • Unmatched Experience & Reputation: With thousands of satisfied customers over 10 years, we have a proven track record of excellence.
      • Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority. We focus on providing exceptional customer service and clear communication throughout the entire process.
      • Cutting-Edge Technology: We use only the most advanced refinishing products available, ensuring a durable and beautiful finish for your bathtub.
      • Meticulous Attention to Detail: Our experienced technicians take pride in their work, delivering a flawless, factory-like finish.
      • Unwavering Integrity: We believe in honesty and transparency in everything we do. 
      We understand that choosing a company to refinish your bathtub is an important decision. Trust your investment to the experts. We can give your bathroom a fresh new look in a matter of hours without having to go through the hassles of replacing your tub or tiles and without taking any risks. 

      Very frequently our customers, besides the bathtub refinishing service,  ask us to reglaze the tile walls around the tub as well or to even refinish the other tiled walls in the rest of the bathroom. This service is often called tile refinishing or bathroom refinishing and in a matter of hours allows us to take care of faded or outdated colors, repair cracked tiles and restore holes among other issues.

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        Why is bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami a better and wiser choice?

        When your bathroom doesn’t look that good anymore, bathtub refinishing Miami, bathtub resurfacing Miami is a much wiser choice for homeowners.

        Here is a brief summary of most of the reasons why:

        – typically as durable as a replacement while it can significantly increase the value of your property with a much lower investment.

        – usually 75% to 80% cheaper than bathtub replacement;

        – days or even weeks of hassles and stress saved, by allowing the homeowner to avoid a major project that involves several people doing plumbing, ripping out walls, and creating dust and debris.

        For more information about the advantages of tub refinishing over other remodeling options kindly read our article called “Is bathtub refinishing worth it? Why is bathtub refinishing a much better choice?” that you can see on our blog.

        How do I know if bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami can be done on my bathtub?

        There are many types of situations that may be making you think about the option of bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami. These are some of the problems you may be facing with your bathtub:

        – hard to keep clean (regardless of many times you clean the tub it always looks dirty or moldy)

        – discoloration

        – scratches

        – stains

        – cracks

        – holes

        – rust

        – you would like to change its color

        – previously painted and its peeling


        You name it. Refinishing bathtubs is what we do, thus regardless of the gravity or nature of the problem, we can fix it. We have done so many bathtubs that most likely we have seen a situation like yours.

        The process of bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami takes around 3 hours on average and after that time the tub will look so shiny and beautiful that you won’t believe it. As a matter of fact, there won’t be any visible difference between a brand new bathtub and one refinished with our process. They both will look and feel the same.

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          Can I reglaze/ refinish a bathtub that was already painted?

          Yes. A bathtub that was painted or refinished before can be refinished/ reglazed again. It doesn’t even matter if low-quality products were used or a poor job was done because we will strip the old material completely to make sure we work on the original surface in order to obtain proper adhesion and to deliver the same smooth and factory-style finish.

          The combination of our diligent and thorough preparation, the use of products of the highest quality available in the industry, the experience of our technicians, and the special attention that we put to each detail during the bath tub resurfacing process guarantee a work of much higher quality and durability than what other competitors offer.

          Here are some before and after pictures of bathtubs we have re-glazed.

          Advantages of bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami versus the option of replacement:

          • Significantly more cost-effective
          • It requires just hours versus days or weeks
          • Similar durability
          • Less hassle and stress for the homeowner during the process
          • More colors available
          • It needs no permits

          We are one of the most reputable bathtub refinishing companies in South Florida. Let us transform your ugly bathroom into a beautiful space that you will love. When it comes to bathtub refinishing Miami & Fort Lauderdale/tub resurfacing Miami and Broward, we are the bathtub painters with the highest level of rating and expertise.

          So, if you are searching for the best choice of  ” bathtub refinishing near me “, ” bath tub refinishing near me ” or ” tub reglazing near me ” you have gotten to the right place. We assure you that we will impress your friends and visitors.

          We provide bathtub and tile refinishing services in all the following cities:

          Coral gablesDoralHomesteadHialeah, Cutler Bay, Fort LauderdaleDavieHollywoodSunriseCoconut CreekMargateHallandaleParklandPembroke PinesTamaracDania beachLauderhillPlantation,  Weston,  MiramarWilton manorsDeerfield beachOakland parkCoral SpringsBoca Raton.

          All our refinishing services are backed by a competitive warranty and our prices are unbeatable!!! If you have a written estimate we will beat it by at least 5%! We also provide other services that could come in very handy when your property has a few years like shower refinishing,  sink refinishing,  countertop refinishing, cabinet refinishing, (also known as cabinet resurfacing) and tub cut out also known as tub to shower conversion or tub cut-out.

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