Bathtub to Shower Conversion in Miami and Broward

Do you or any of your loved ones is having a hard time getting in and out of your existing bathtub?  Have you been thinking about converting your bathtub into a walk in shower?

Stepping over the sidewall of the tub presents a huge risk of slip and fall that you don’t need to take. Now you don’t need to do a complete tub to shower remodeling project in order to solve the problem.

We offer a tub to shower conversion alternative that does not involve any of the plumbing, demolition and construction mess associated with the removal of your existing tub and installation of a walk-in bathtub instead.

The way our process works is very simple. We go to your home and make a modification to the bathtub you already have.  We carefully make a special cut that creates an opening through the front of the bathtub and we then install a step that is much lower than before (very close to the floor level), so that you can step through the tub and not over it.  Stepping into the tub this way is much more natural.  This basically converts your tub into a walk-in shower in as little as one day.

You can think of this as a bathtub to shower remodeling without the huge expense or time investment. This is also a great alternative if you’re considering a safer bathtub access.  Handicap showers and walk-in tubs cost easily two or three times more than our solution.

Here are some of the advantages of this alternative:

  • Works on many acrylic, fiberglass, metal, steel, and even cast-iron tubs
  • Done in just half a day,
  • Considerably less intrusive than handicap walk in tubs.
  • Makes showering safer and increases your independence in the bathroom.

If you are looking for a functional, cost effective and fast solution to bathroom slips and falls call us today for a free estimate at (786) 223-6175.

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