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Is bathtub refinishing worth it? Why is bathtub refinishing a much better choice?

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Most homeowners, usually after some years, will have to deal with an important decision: should I demolish all my tiled walls to replace my old and worn out or damage bathtub, or should I put up with the undesirable look of the bathroom to avoid the high costs and all the hassles that come associated with a project of that nature?

The answer from most of the experts is normally NO,  you don’t need to demolish your bathroom because there is a great alternative that will help you achieve excellent results with very little to no headaches: it’s called bathtub refinishing

What is bathtub refinishing?

The bathtub refinishing process, also known as bathtub reglazingbathtub re-enameling or bathtub resurfacing is nothing but a clean and complete restoration process that is done in one day and consists of refreshing the surface of a worn, damaged or outdated bathtub to a like-new condition. It involves cleaning and acid etching the surface, repairing any damages like chips or cracks, and then it is sprayed with a strong coating specially formulated for the procedure.

Is bathtub refinishing worth it?

The bathtub refinishing procedure is usually a much better solution for the homeowner than the other options available like bathtub replacement or liners mainly due to the following reasons: it costs 75% or less, it’s done in a few hours versus days or weeks, it’s less stressful since it typically does not require permits and it does not involve plumbing and it’s cleaner since it generates very little dust/or debris if any.

So, if you do your homework right, you will quickly conclude that bathtub refinishing is a much better choice compared to conventional remodeling since the latter will present you a scenario in which you will have ahead of you a project of several thousand dollars;  you will need to tear down pretty much everything (at least the walls around the bathtub if the purpose is to replace it). 

The conventional remodeling project would involve demolition, drywall installation, tiling, plumbing, grouting and you will have to deal with an uncomfortable amount of dust and a big mess in the property that would last for at least a week or two.

The advantages to bathtub reglazing (also known by this term) are numerous if done with the correct company: it takes a few hours only and is clean and inexpensive, as we explained before. The price of the bathtub resurfacing process varies depending on the state and the condition of the bathtub but it would be ranging between $2500 and $400, worst-case scenario, for a savings of an average of 75 to 80% over the cost of replacement.

Bathtub refinishing has many other advantages. As a general rule it requires no permits, the color options are unlimited and the disruption of use is of only a couple of days while the durability is similar to that of a brand new bathtub if not more when taken care of properly.

This animated video sums up most of the advantages of the refinishing process in general and the bathtub refinishing procedure in particular.

Bathtub refinishing is suitable for all kinds of bathtubs and most situations or conditions

Bathtub refinishing is not only worth the money due to being very inexpensive and durable, as we have seen before in this article, but it can resolve many different situations and it can be done on pretty all kinds of bathtubs: standard size bathtubs, roman tubs, art deco tubs, stand-alone tubs, clawfoot tubs, Jacuzzis or any other kind of bathtubs, regardless of the material, size or color are all good candidates for the bathtub refinishing service. Some of the most frequent materials are cast iron, steel, cultured marble, and acrylic.

Many people tend to believe that a bathtub must not have serious damages to qualify for refinishing. This is a big misconception: as a matter of fact unless the bathtub’s body is seriously and massively corroded, most of the damages like chips, rust, holes, cracks, and many others can be resolved and always with excellent results.

Here are some examples of bathtub refinishing services classified by the type of damage.

  • chips
  • cracks
  • holes due to corrosion
  • discoloration
  • peeling paint

As you can see there is a wide array of situations that can be resolved with the bathtub refinishing service and the outcome if done with a reputable and experienced company, is pretty astonishing.

If your property is located in South Florida and you think it is in need of a bathtub resurfacing service give us a call today for a free no-obligation consultation at (954)860-TUBS (8827). We are one of the most reputable refinishing companies in South Florida and we have a team of highly trained professionals waiting to give you a hand with your project. We use top-of-the-line products and we promise a job of the highest quality in which the bathtub will look like from the manufacturer if not more beautiful. We have plenty of options for you.


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  1. Excellent article about bathtub refinishing. Very well explained why refinishing a bathtub is a good alternative. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand that bathtub refinishing is a clean and complete restoration process that can be done in one day. With that in mind, I will be having this done for the one in our first-floor bathroom. It’s because I noticed that it started to have yellowish stains and spots that make me not want to use it for the past two months now.

  3. My friend is thinking about helping his uncle with his home improvement project next spring. I like how this article explained that reglazing your bathtub can give it a brand new appearance by treating imperfections. They should probably give this a shot by looking for a refinishing expert around their area.

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