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    Cabinet Refinishing in Boynton Beach by the Most Trusted Experts

    Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom with our top-notch Cabinet Refinishing services in Boynton beach.

    This home improvement procedure by America Refinishing Pros is a budget-friendly option that comes in handy when the cabinets are old, worn out, dingy, outdated, ugly, or simply have an undesired color.

    It consists of a swift transformation, that would revitalize the cabinets in just 1 to 3 days without the need for extensive demolition or cabinet replacement.

    Hialeah cabinet painting services by America Refinishing Pros

    The cabinets could be made of different finishes or materials like formica, acrylic, thermofoil, veneer, or wood, among others.

    This option, if it’s done by a reputable and experienced cabinet painting company located in Boynton Beach like America Refinishing Pros, offers a spotless factory-style finish regardless of the material the cabinets are made of and it is the most inexpensive solution available.

    With America Refinishing Pros, refinishing kitchen cabinets in Boynton beach is a comprehensive process that is done with the highest level of respect for the homeowner’s home. All the floors, cabinet interiors, faucets, sinks, and surrounding furniture are carefully taped up and covered to avoid overspray damage.

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      Our comprehensive cabinet refinishing process in Boynton Beach

      When it comes to refinishing cabinets in Boynton Beach, our meticulous approach involves detailed preparation, repairing damages, and thorough cleaning. A special primer is applied to absorb minor irregularities and even out colors. The final touch includes the application of a topcoat using advanced lacquer-based paint, ensuring durability and a smooth finish. Our paint is so good that you would not be able to scratch it with your nails one hour after application, so, we are very confident that your surfaces will look as beautiful as the first day for many years to come. 

      Color palettes and finishes for your Cabinet Refinishing Project in Boynton Beach

      Choose from an extensive color palette from reputable paint manufacturers. The most popular choices include white or gray for the entire kitchen, with options for different colors on bottom cabinets or islands, such as green or blue.

      The favored finish is satin, offering a balanced shine. For older kitchens requiring extensive repairs, a “dull rubbed” or flat finish are more recommended to conceal irregularities.

      Why choose America Refinishing Pros for your Cabinet Refinishing project in Boynton Beach?

      Amidst rising construction costs, our experienced team provides reliable cabinet refinishing service in Boynton Beach, ensuring meticulous work without cutting corners.

      Cabinet Refinishing in Boynton Beach is an awesome alternative to save time and thousands of dollars compared to alternatives like cabinet refacing or traditional remodeling. With over a decade of service, we consistently deliver the highest quality to the Boynton Beach homeowners.

       We can give a second life to your cabinets, updating them with a more modern look and an astonishing factory-style finish. Our final product is proven to be able to withstand several years of wear and tear.

      Superior quality in America Refinishing Pros cabinet refinishing service

      We have become one of the most reliable cabinet painters in Boynton Beach, among other reasons because our team:

      • Is extremely detail-oriented, highly trained, and has many years of experience
      • Only uses the most advanced products available
      • Follows the most advanced techniques and procedures
      • Carefully masks, tapes off, and protects all the surrounding areas
      • Uses a powerful ventilation system to avoid overspray damages or any undesired problems
      • Sands down, cleans, and prepares all the surfaces thoroughly
      • Delivers a durable final product and a beautiful factory finish
      • Offers a competitive warranty

      Don’t put up with your old, dingy, and ugly-looking kitchen anymore. Call us now to find out what would be the cost to professionally paint your cabinets in Boynton Beach!


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