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What are the latest trends in cabinet refinishing in 2024?

Kitchen refinished in two tones by America Refinishing Pros

Are you tired of your outdated kitchen but don’t want to spend a fortune on a full renovation? Cabinet refinishing can be a cost-effective solution that could give your kitchen a combination of freshness, modernity, and sophistication that reflects your personal style without breaking the bank. 

To achieve this transformation on the budget in 2024 more and more homeowners are opting to switch from wood stain colors to solid colors such as pure white or more vibrant hues. Additionally, they are choosing less glossy finishes for a more subdued appearance, incorporating LED lighting for a sleek and stylish feel, and selecting fancier knob options. 

The cabinet refinishing industry has been experiencing a notable shift in color trends in the last few years, as stains such as oak, cherry, walnut, and oak, which have long dominated kitchen palettes for decades are being replaced by a growing preference for solid colors.

This kitchen cabinet color trend initially emerged with white finishes and has since expanded to include a broader range of hues. In 2024, we see that this trend has gained even greater momentum.

Specifically, shades of blue, green, and gray are becoming increasingly popular choices for cabinets, as they add a touch of color to the kitchen while still maintaining a neutral palette. Black cabinets are also experiencing a resurgence, providing a bold contrast against light-colored walls.

Despite these shifts, we anticipate that white will remain a popular choice among both designers and homeowners in 2024, thanks to its versatility and neutral aesthetic.

The Two-tone Trend in Cabinet Refinishing on the Rise in 2024

cabinet refinishing service by America Refinishing Pros with island in darker color

The two-toned kitchen cabinet trend is also on the rise this year, with homeowners painting their upper and lower cabinets in different colors, creating visual interest that adds depth and dimension to the kitchen. For example, pairing navy blue lower cabinets with white upper cabinets can create a classic and sophisticated look. 

To achieve a trendy two-tone look for your kitchen cabinets, it is advisable to paint the upper cabinets in a lighter color and the bottom cabinets in a darker hue. It is also very common to see lately that only the island is refinished in a different color while the rest of the kitchen is kept white. This two-tone concept, not only adds depth and contrast to your kitchen design but also helps define the space, especially in homes with an open-concept layout. 

Additionally, using a lighter color on the upper cabinets creates an accent around the room, resulting in a brighter and more spacious feel, regardless of the room’s size. It is best to avoid using darker colors on the upper cabinets, as it can make the kitchen feel cramped and dark unless you intend to use a specific section of cabinets as a feature.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, blue and soft earthy greens, like moss and taupe, are becoming hot colors this year. Designers are using different design elements and materials like fine art accents and splashes of rich color to play off these bold colors. Some homeowners prefer to refinish their cabinets in white and then paint the walls in bold colors to achieve a modern look that’s easy to update.

Less Shiny Finishes for Cabinet Refinishing in 2024

Glossy finishes have been the norm for kitchen design for years, but less shiny choices like matte, eggshell (also called dull rubbed), and satin finishes are now gaining popularity. Matte finishes give cabinets a modern and sleek look that is perfect for contemporary kitchens. They are also more forgiving when it comes to showing smudges and fingerprints, making them an excellent choice for busy households.

Matte finishes (also known as flat) are achieved by using a flatting agent, which dulls the shine of the paint. This creates a smooth and uniform finish that is both beautiful and durable. Egg-shell and satin finishes are also among the popular choices for homeowners who want a more understated look. These finishes offer a subtle sheen that is not as reflective as a glossy finish, making them ideal for creating a relaxed and casual ambiance in the kitchen.

Use of LED Lighting Combined with Cabinet Refinishing Service in 2024 

As the world of design and decor continues to evolve, we are seeing an increasing number of homeowners opting for the installation of LED lights in their kitchens. The installation of these lights, (usually puck lights)  once the cabinets have been refinished, especially inside open shelves or shelves with glass doors, has become a popular trend that has taken the design world by storm. This approach has been deemed an essential element in modern kitchen designs in 2024, providing an understated yet powerful touch that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

The benefits of this innovative approach of incorporating LED lights into cabinets once refinished are numerous. Not only do these lights enhance the visual appeal of the cabinets, but they also serve a practical purpose by illuminating the contents within. Homeowners can now showcase their cherished dishware and other kitchen essentials.

In the year 2024, the world of knobs is witnessing a surge of new trends and designs. While the traditional chrome or brass nickel knobs still hold their ground, there is a discernible shift towards fancy designs and materials such as transparent glass or plastic, champagne bronze, and black.

In fact, some knobs are now being crafted by combining two different materials, resulting in a unique and distinct look. It is essential to consider knobs as an integral part of a complete project, ensuring a harmonious appeal throughout the entire design.

As experts in the field, we strongly advise taking a comprehensive approach to knob selection to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing in 2024?

Opting for a cabinet refinishing service in 2024 comes in as a cost-effective and efficient option for homeowners to revamp their kitchens without having to endure the complexities of a full renovation.

With the advent of the latest cabinet refinishing trends for 2024, homeowners now have the liberty to select from an array of daring color schemes, subdued finishes, contemporary lighting options, and knobs with intricate designs, to tailor-make their kitchen spaces that are both sophisticated and unique to their personal preferences.

Furthermore, not only is cabinet refinishing an excellent way to modernize and give personality to your kitchen, but it also serves as a profitable investment by adding to the overall value of your property. 

So, if you reside in South Florida and are willing to renew your kitchen, the America Refinishing pros team of experts is at your disposal to offer you a free no-obligation consultation. We rely on a big crew of highly trained cabinet painters who help you achieve your goals while cutting costs.  So why wait any longer? Reach out to us today and take the first step toward your dream kitchen.

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