Profesional cabinet refinishing service for South Florida homeowners

    cabinet refinishing service by America Refinishing Pros (before and after)

    cabinet refinishing service by America Refinishing Pros (before and after)

    Professional cabinet refinishing, also called cabinet resurfacing or cabinet reglazing is a procedure that allows the homeowner to give a fresh new look to the kitchen cabinets in a matter of 1 to 3 days without having to replace or reface them.

    Painting cabinets professionally is a budget-friendly choice that comes in handy when the kitchen is old, worn out, dingy, outdated, ugly, or simply has an undesired color. The cabinets could be made of different finishes or materials like formica, thermofoil or wood, among others. 

    This option, if it’s done by a reputable and experienced cabinet refinishing company like America Refinishing Pros, offers a spotless factory finish regardless of the material it is made of and it is yet very affordable. As a matter of fact, it is the most inexpensive solution available. The process with us is very comprehensive and is done with the highest level of respect for the homeowner’s home. All the floors, cabinet interiors, faucets, sinks, and surrounding furniture are carefully taped up and covered to avoid overspray damage.

    America Refinishing Pros’ cabinet refinishing process is superior

    Our process involves a very thorough and careful preparation that includes repairing any damages as well as cleaning and sanding down all the surfaces to obtain a smooth and spotless base. After that a special primer is sprayed which does two main things:

    a-) it absorbs any minor irregularities that could have remained;

    b-) it evens out the color over which the paint will be sprayed. 

    The process ends with the application of a topcoat: a top-of-the-line lacquer-based paint. This last stage of the process is done with extreme detail which combined with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the thorough preparation mentioned above allow us to deliver a job of the highest possible quality, with a smooth finish and long-term durability. 

    We also offer countertop refinishing with a nice variety of granite imitation finishes. This is a  procedure that, along with the cabinet refinishing service, will allow us to renovate the outdated look of your kitchen without breaking your bank. In other words, not only will you be able to save thousands of dollars versus other options available but will you be able to enjoy the most modern, durable, and beautiful kitchen in just a matter of 1 to 3 days. 

    Why hire America Refinishing Pros for your cabinet refinishing project?

    With the construction prices skyrocketing, a reliable and experienced cabinet refinishing company that does the job the right way and does not cut corners comes in extremely handy now more than ever.  Cabinet refinishing is an awesome alternative that could save you lots of time and thousands of dollars compared to options like cabinet refacing or a conventional kitchen remodeling while you can still enjoy a  kitchen with a phenomenal modern and brand new look.

    America Refinishing Pros has been in business for over a decade already, delivering the highest level of quality to all South Florida homeowners. We can give a second life to your cabinets, updating them with a more modern look and an astonishing factory-style finish that’s created to withstand several years of wear and tear.

    We have become one of the most reliable cabinet refinishing service providers in South Florida, among other reasons because our team:

    • Is extremely detail-oriented, highly trained, and has many years of experience
    • Only  uses top-of-the-line products
    • Follows the most advanced techniques and procedures
    • Carefully masks, tapes off and protects all the surrounding areas
    • Uses a powerful ventilation system to avoid overspray damages or any undesired problems
    • Sands down, cleans, and prepares all the surfaces thoroughly  
    • Delivers a durable final product and a beautiful factory finish
    • Offers a competitive warranty

    Don’t put up with your old, dingy, and ugly-looking kitchen anymore.  Call us now to find out what would be the cost to professionally paint your cabinets! 

    America Refinishing Pros' cabinet refinishing superior quality

    America Refinishing Pros’ cabinet refinishing superior quality

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