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      Ceramic Tile Refinishing in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach

      Ceramic tile refinishing is a cost-effective and durable alternative to replacing old or damaged ceramic tiles. It involves applying a new layer of glaze to the existing ceramic tiles, giving them a fresh look and extending their lifespan. This process is also known as ceramic tile reglazing or ceramic tile resurfacing.

      Tiles in general and ceramic tiles in particular are normally exposed to the action of several external factors that in spite of the resistant materials they are made of, as time goes by, they may start suffering a significant deterioration. 

      The most common signs of tile aging are discoloration, holes, chips, cracks, scratches, missing grout, mold, and mildew, among others.

      ceramic tile refinishing service by America Refinishing Pros

      Due to being ceramic the most common material tiles are made of, along with with all of the multiple advantages ceramic tile refinishing offers, this home improvement procedure  has become an extremely popular choice nowadays for homeowners and investors. 

      Multiple Benefits of Ceramic Tile Refinishing

      There are many advantages to choosing America Refinishing Pros’ ceramic tile refinishing over replacement:

      • Cost-effective: Refinishing is significantly less expensive than replacing tiles, as it eliminates the need for demolition and installation labor. The savings should range around 75% over the cost of replacement

      • Durable: The new glaze is designed to withstand wear and tear, making it a long-lasting solution. As part of the tile refinishing process our highly trained technicians will repair the damaged tiles, will clean the surface with strong acids, and will apply, firstly, a polymer base primer which will act as a bonding agent, and secondly will spray the tiles with a strong urethane coating that is specifically engineered to create a hard and durable shell over your tiles and grout.

      • Quick and convenient: The refinishing process will be completed in a mattr or hours (a day or two depending of the size of the space) with minimal disruption to your home or business.

      • No more mold or mildew: One of the biggest advantages when you refinish ceramic tiles,  is that you will not have to worry about mold or mildew in your grout lines anymore because it will be completely sealed.

      • Versatile: Refinishing can be applied to various ceramic tile surfaces, including countertops, walls,  floors and showers.

      The tiles could be painted or resurfaced previously, in whose case, most likely, we will have to strip all that paint off to guarantee a proper adhesion and consequently a durable result.

      Porcelain tiles are pretty common too. The expected outcome for these type of tiles is as astonishing as that for ceramic tiles: smooth, sealed and glossy.  The procedure when it comes to porcelain tiles is called porcelain tile refinishing, porcelain tile reglazing or porcelain tile resurfacing

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        How much does Ceramic Tile Refinishing Cost?

        The cost of ceramic tile refinishing can vary depending on several factors, including:

        • The size of the area to be refinished: Larger areas will typically cost more to refinish than smaller ones.

        • The condition of the existing tiles: Tiles with extensive damage or repairs may require additional labor and materials, increasing the cost.

        • The complexity of the work area: If there are ceramic tiles on the ceiling or the ceramic tiles on the walls go too high the refinishing process may be more complex to accomplish resulting in higher costs for the customer. 

        • The location of the project: Refinishing costs may vary depending on the labor rates in your area.

        The most advanced products for your ceramic tile refinishing project in Miami and Broward

        We are one of the most reputable ceramic tiles refinishing companies in South Florida among many other reasons because we use the most advanced products available.

        America Refinishing Pros refuses to use paints or improvised products to re-glaze the ceramic tiles as many other people do. We prefer to use professional-grade polymers that have been specially engineered for this procedure. They bond on the molecular level for more resistance and hardness.

        This, combined with the experience and orientation to detail of our technicians, will lead to a much better result, to a job of much higher quality and durability.

        America Refinishing Pros also uses state-of-the-art equipment and offers a great warranty for our customers’ peace of mind. All our jobs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our team can transform your space into a much nicer area and increase the value of your property with a minimal budget.


        Here are some before and after pictures of tiles we have refinished.

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