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Tiles are exposed to the action of several external factors that in spite of the resistant materials they are made of, as time goes by, they may start suffering a significant deterioration. The most common signs of tile aging are discoloration, chips, cracks, scratches, missing grout, mold and mildew, among others.

When the time comes and people need to start thinking about what to do to remodel the bathroom, tiles are normally one of the main concerns. Most people tend to think that the only choice available is the replacement and in some cases those who cannot afford expensive repairs, leave them the way they are (ugly, dated, cracked, etc).

Even for those with pockets deep enough to throw their money away on bathtub and tile replacement, they will have to deal with weeks of noise, dust, debris and a large list of inconveniences and hassles.

America Refinishing Pros offers you a much wiser option. We can restore your bathroom tiles or restore kitchen backsplash tiles in a matter of hours for a just a fraction of the cost of replacement (usually 75% less).

Our highly trained technicians will repair the damaged tiles, will clean the surface with strong acids and will apply, firstly, a polymer primer which will act as a bonding agent and secondly will spray the tiles with a polyurethane coating that is specifically engineered to create a hard and durable shell over your tiles and grout.

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to tile refinishing is that you will not have to worry about your grout anymore because it will be completely sealed. The tiles could be painted or refinished previously, in whose case, most likely, we will have to strip all that paint off to guarantee a proper adhesion and consequently a durable result.


    We use state of the art equipment and top of the line products. We offer a great warranty and all jobs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We will transform your space into a much nicer area and will dramatically increase the value of your property with a minimal budget.

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    Join our large list of satisfied customers today. When it comes to bathtub refinishing, tile refinishing and countertop refinishing in Miami or Broward we are the local experts. Our prices are unbeatable and if you have a written estimate we will beat it by at least 5%.

    Here are some before and after pictures of tiles we have refinished.

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    • Before-.
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    We put passion into each project and we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously




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