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      Bathtub & tile Refinishing Davie, Fl

      Bathtub and tile refinishing Davie bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie, also called bathtub & tile re-glazing Davie, or bathtub & tile refurbishing Davie have become a very popular choice nowadays. It is normally significantly more inexpensive and less time consuming than the option of replacing the existing bathtub and installing new tiles all over the bathroom or at least around the tub. The average tub replacement cost varies between $1,500 and $3,500.

      A project like this has high costs of labor and compromises plumbing. It entails demolition of walls and floors, with its corresponding dust and debris, causing a great deal of stress for the home owner.

      before and after picture of tub and tile refinishing service by America Refinishing pros

      Liners, the other option available when your bathtub is dated or ugly, as opposed to bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie, could cost almost as much as replacing a tub and they tend to accumulate water in between the liner and the original tub.

      The biggest problem with this stagnant water is that it typically leads to unhealthy mold and mildew along with undesirable odor problems. Additionally these liners are made of are of a plastic of medium to low quality that do not last for too long and soon tend to get stained.

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        Bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie is always a much better and wiser choice

        America Refinishing Pros, the bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing local expert in South Florida is a family-owned company with many years on the market and offers you a much better and wiser option. Using state-of-the-art technology we can refinish your bathtub or tiles in a matter of hours for just a fraction of the cost of replacement (usually 75% to 80% less).

        As part of the process of bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie our highly trained technicians will repair the damaged tiles, will clean the surface with strong acids, and will apply, firstly, a polymer primer which will act as a bonding agent and secondly will spray the tiles with a  coating that is specifically engineered to create a hard and durable shell over your bathtub, tiles and grout.

        One of the biggest advantages when it comes to bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie,  is that you will not have to worry about mold or mildew in your grout anymore because it will be completely sealed. The tiles could be painted or resurfaced previously, in whose case, most likely, we will have to strip all that paint off to guarantee a proper adhesion and consequently a durable result.

        The most advanced products and procedures for your project of bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie

        Our process is much better than that of most of our competitors since, unlike many of them, we have always refused to use paints or improvised products to re-glaze the bathtub or the tiles.

        The products we always use are among the most advanced  available. They are professional-grade polymers that have been specially engineered for this procedure that bond at the molecular level for more resistance and hardness.

        This, combined with the experience and orientation to detail of our technicians, will lead to a much better result, to a job of much higher quality and durability.

        America Refinishing Pros also uses state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line products. We offer a great warranty and all jobs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our team can transform your space into a much nicer area and increase the value of your property with a very low budget.

        Join our large list of satisfied customers today. When it comes to bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing Davie, bathtub & tile resurfacing Davie, and countertop refinishing Davie we are the local experts. Our prices are unbeatable and if you have a written estimate we will beat it by at least 5%.

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        Here are some before and after pictures of bathtubs we have re-glazed.

        When should you be thinking about bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, Fl/ tub & tile reglazing Davie, Fl?

        Questions about bathroom and kitchen refinishing

        Bathtub & tile refinishing Davie, Fl/ tub & tile reglazing Davie, Fl comes in handy when either the bathtub and/or the tiles are facing one or some of the following situations:

        • hard to keep clean (always dirty or stained)
        • discolored on all or some areas
        • stained on all or some areas
        • scratched
        • they present rust and/ or corrosion
        • damaged with holes
        • cracked
        • undesirable  color
        • previously painted or refinished and its peeling

        We have done thousands of bathrooms throughout all these years of service, so, most likely, we have seen a situation similar to yours, which means that regardless of the complexity of the problem we can fix it. We are the most experienced bathtub resurfacing and tile resurfacing experts in South florida.

        We also service other areas of Miami Dade and Broward counties. Visit the following links for more information:

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