Bathtub and Tile Refinishing in Hollywood Fl


Bathtub & tile refinishing Hollywood Fl, bathtub & tile resurfacing Hollywood, also known as bathtub and tile reglazing Hollywood Fl, bathtub and tile restoration Hollywood may come in very handy when your bathtub, your tiles or both start to look ugly, dated or have an undesirable color. At America Refinishing Pros we can make your bathroom look very beautiful again with a very small budget. We can repair chipped or cracked tiles, holes in your bathtub among other problems within the day. Your space will look renovated and your property will earn value with just a minimal investment. We guarantee that you will save thousands of dollars versus the option of replacement.

Since we believe that the best advertisement is always a job well done, we do not cut corners and do not use paints or improvised products. On the contrary, we use the most advanced polymers ever created for this procedure. Since these products bond at molecular level they are way stronger and more resistant than any paint. Their appearance is the same as that of the enamel that bathtubs come with from renowned manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard. Additionally we spend as long  as necessary to prepare the surfaces properly by cleaning them with different chemicals, including an acid wash that would guarantee proper adhesion of our products. After we finish your bathtub and tiles refinishing Hollywood Fl your bathroom will look so shiny and beautiful that you probably will not even believe it.

It is also important to mention that our technicians are not only very experienced and highly trained but are also very detail oriented and will treat your house as if it was theirs. We make a difference in the service we provide and you will notice it. We respect our appointments and very rarely get late.

So, wether you need a bathtub repair Hollywood Fl or a complete bathtub and tile refinishing Hollywood Fl , we assure you that you will not regret hiring us.

We work quickly and effectively while leaving no mess behing. This is a virtual certainty, along with the quality of our work which represents a certain blend of aesthetic appeal and renewed practicality that can only be associated with the best remodeling services. If you need a bathtub & tile refinishing Hollywood Fl, bathtub & tile resurfacing Hollywood, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will deliver that quality that you are expecting.

Reasons why bathtub & tile refinishing Hollywood Fl, bathtub & tile resurfacing Hollywood is a much better choice?

When your bathroom doesn’t look that good anymore, bathtub and tile refinishing Hollywood Fl/bathtub resurfacing Hollywood is a much smarter choice for homeowners and here are some of the reasons why:

– usually around 75%  cheaper than bathtub or tile replacement;

– days or even weeks of hassles and stress saved

– normally as durable as a replacement while it can dramatically increase the value of the property with a considerably lower investment.

Is bathtub & tile refinishing Hollywood Fl, bathtub & tile resurfacing Hollywood an option for me?

Bathtub & tile refinishing Hollywood Fl, bathtub & tile resurfacing Hollywood comes in handy in the following situations:

–  hard to keep clean ( it always looks dirty or stained)

– discoloration

– stained

– scratched

– rusted

– damaged with holes

– cracked

– you dont like the color

– previously painted and its peeling

Regardless of how serious the problem is we can fix it.  We have done  thousands of bathtubs, so, most likely, we have seen a situation similar to yours.

Here are some before and after pictures of bathtubs we have re-glazed.

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