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Bathtub & tile Refinishing Laurderhill Fl

Bathtub & tile refinishing Lauderhill, tub & tile resurfacing Lauderhill also called bathtub and tile re-glazing Lauderhill is a very straightforward process that we proudly offer at America Refinishing Pros as a great alternative to conventional remodeling.

The advantages of the bathtub refinishing or tile refinishing procedures are numerous: they are significantly inexpensive, they are very durable and they pose very little stress to the homeowner because the job is done in just a few hours compared to days or weeks in the case of the choice of regular remodeling, not to mention that bathtub & tile refinishing Lauderhill, tub & tile resurfacing Lauderhill do not involve demolition, plumbing and/or construction work in general, among other inconveniences. A typical replacement of a standard size tub costs between $1,500 and $3,500 while you can complete this project, if you go the refinishing route, with just a few hundred dollars.

before and after picture of tub and tile refinishing service by America Refinishing pros

Our bathtub and tile refinishing procedure is very clean because we carefully tape and mask everything in the bathroom to avoid over-spray damage and we put a powerful ventilation system in place to take all the fumes out of the premises. When we finish we do not leave any mess or dirtiness behind.

Even if the bathtub has damages like holes,  chips, or cracks we can fix it. It is the same thing with the tiles. The result is not only a shiny and astonishingly beautiful bathroom but it is also something very durable.

One of the greatest things about refinishing the tiles is the fact that the grout will not have mold or mildew again, ever.

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We offer the highest quality in our bathtub & tile refinishing Lauderhill, tub & tile resurfacing Lauderhill process

America Refinishing Pros is a family-owned business that is licensed and insured and has offered this service for a high number of years. Unlike many people who use paints or improvised products to lower their costs, we don’t. We are committed to quality, which is why we use the most advanced polymers created for this procedure. These are professional-grade products that bond at the molecular level for more resistance and durability than any other.

The use of this top-of-the-line product combined with meticulous preparations will result in a job of the highest quality that you will be able to enjoy for years.

We have highly trained and experienced technicians for the bathtub & tile refinishing Lauderhill, tub & tile resurfacing Lauderhill process

Our technicians are not only highly trained and experienced but extremely detail oriented. Since we understand how crucial the preparation is  and that it accounts for a high percentage of the success of the procedure our technicians carry out a very meticulous preparation of the surface that will include a deep clean up with different chemicals to remove human oil, water scale and soap build ups among other substances. They will also do an acid wash to the surface to guarantee proper adhesion of our products and will sand down the surface to even out any kind of irregularity that there might be. Should you like more information regarding this you can visit our page the process.

If you want a professional and beautiful job accomplished in your bathroom give us a call now at (954) 860-TUBS (8827). We are the experts in  bathtub & tile refinishing Lauderhill, tub & tile resurfacing Lauderhill.

Can I re-glaze a tub that was already painted?

Absolutely yes. A bathtub in Lauderhill that was painted, refinished or re-glazed from before can be re-done again. It doesn’t even matter if the products were used were crappy or of bad quality because we will strip that old material  to make sure we work on the original surface to obtain a proper adhesion of our products.

The combination of our careful preparation, the use of the most advanced products , the knowledge and experience of our technicians along with the special attention that we put to each  part of the bathtub & tile refinishing Lauderhill, tub and tile resurfacing Lauderhill process guarantees a job of considerably higher quality  than what most of the other competitors offer.


MIAMI: (786) 223-6175

BROWARD: (954) 860-TUBS (8827)

Here are some before and after pictures of bathtubs we have re-glazed.

When should you be thinking about bathtub & tile refinishing Laurderhill Fl/ tub & tile reglazing Laurderhill Fl?

Bathtub & tile refinishing Laurderhill Fl/ tub & tile reglazing Laurderhill Fl comes in handy when either the bathtub and/or the tiles are facing one or some of the following situations:
  • hard to keep clean (always dirty or stained)
  • discolored on all or some areas
  • stained on all or some areas
  • scratched
  • they present rust and/ or corrosion
  • damaged with holes
  • cracked
  • undesirable  color
  • previously painted or refinished and its peeling
We have done thousands of bathrooms throughout all these years of service, so, most likely, we have seen a situation similar to yours, which means that regardless of the complexity of the problem we can fix it. We are the most experienced bathtub resurfacing and tile resurfacing experts in South florida.
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